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ABV: 8.5%

Our triple pale is a bastardization of three regionally distinctive recipes that were stacked in unequal measure in order to make a beefy beer which highlights each recipe’s finer points: Esters from a dominant Flanders yeast are reigned-in by cleaner American and London strains; Kent Golding hops provide mild bitterness, giving English and Belgian specialty malts room to breathe; Oregonian hops offer a fragrant nose; Belgian candy sugar boosts the strength of this mash-up to 8.5% ABV.


Review of Makeweight at BeerDork - 03/18/08

OK, this Furthermore outfit is starting to intrigue me. This is the third beer of theirs that I’ve reviewed, and each previous one started out subtle and unassuming before slowly revealing itself to the patient taster as an intricately crafted, unique slant on an otherwise broad style.

Makeweight Reviews on Beer Advocate - 01/11/08

Reviews of Makeweight are in!

The Capital Times: Challenge to bring out best of brewers - 01/21/08

Furthermore Brewing Co.'s idiosyncratic brewer Aran Madden has just released his latest creation, dubbed Makeweight .. The beer pours with a bright copper color and rocky, cream-colored head. The flavor resonates with a full, rich malt bottom, with a distinct striation of hops sounding the higher notes. It lacks the deliberate quirkiness of other Madden efforts, but has the best balance and posture of all of the beers he's brewed and bottled .. Look for it soon because Furthermore has sold out its entire run.

The Daily Page - 01/06/08

Furthermore Beer apparently wants to prove that not only that its new Makeweight brew tastes good, but it's also a brewery with good taste. Featuring the Black Eyed Snakes, Decibully and Scag 48, their second Brew Ha Ha (dubbed 2 Ha Ha) Saturday night at the High Noon Saloon made a very good case for them.


This diplomatic brew blends Belgian, English and North American brewing traditions for a unique mash-up. Its aroma is decidedly Belgian, popping with bubblegum, pepper and sugar. On the tongue, classic Belgian fruitiness and clove spice flow through biscuity English malts. A touch of bubblegum emerges mid-sip, connecting with the malt’s underlying caramel sweetness. Along the way, hints of orange American hops and earthy British ones accent the swallow, which culminates in a sweet, sugary finish.